Deep down there’s a little villain in all of us.

Introduced for the first time at the 2019 Oogie Boogie Bash, "Villainous" is one of our biggest projection projects with one of our biggest clients. Working closely with Disney Parks Entertainment and the legendary animator Eric Goldberg, we boarded and animated the new Disney character Shelley Marie and our narrator Oogie Boogie, and crafted the 2D world that opens this almost 30 minute unique experience at California Adventure’s World of Color.

Meet Shelley Marie...

Shelley Marie is 9 and loves all things Halloween and Disney Villain and is about to get up close and personal with a few of her icons as she searches for the perfect Halloween costume. To give our little villain a look all her own, Eric Goldberg drew on the iconic style of Tim Burton to make her cute and creepy. From there we had to translate her from 2D to 3D, a collaborative effort of draw overs and animation tests to create the perfect Shelley Marie.Despite Shelley being 3D for most of the show, it all still starts with 2D sketches and boards to guide the animators and still capture the energy of a pencil sketch.

He's MISTER Oogie Boogie...

Our charismatic and bug infested narrator, Oogie Boogie opens the show and guides us on Shelley’s journey into the world of Disney Villains. Our Oogie Boogie is a 3D model unlike the original stop motin puppet but he hasn’t lost any of his boogie-moves in the transition.

A Shelley for Every Situation

As a projection show, Villainous can be a little bit of a new experience each time you see it.  For the programers behind the scenes of each show, sometimes they want to change up what Shelley may be doing in scenes where her animation isn’t required to do somethig specifc to the story. A toolkit of almost 50 different animations was created for these situations with a variety of emotions for Shelley to express.

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