Tales, tinkerings, and team-bonding.

An assemblage of experiments, shorts, and small projects that’ll warm your hearts. Or at least, they warmed ours.

Grease Night on Dancing with the Stars

This was one of those band together and get it done projects. With a tight timetable, we made the most of this little opener for Grease Night with a style harkening back to the original films opening title sequence.

Our little UPA omage, Bupkis is for everyone who’s ever dealt with a lemon. This was just a little short project we played with in our spare time utilizing a mix of cel animation and after effects animation.

This is a little teaser we created for a instagram project turned Pre-school series we are currently developing.

Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam, or blow up a co-worker...
...or sometimes you just didn’t realize a raygun was real.

For all the millenials who grew up on Gameboys, here’s an old ad we did in a new frame.

Happy Holidays from the Studman Brothers! We made this after months of fabricating an entire miniature town for a series in development.

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