Disney Emoji

Over half a decade and 1000+ emoji designs later, Creative Capers has helped emojify the Disney brand.

Our partnership with the Disney Emoji team has allowed us to work on almost every franchise, creating characters, props, and location emojis as well as animating emojis for their As Told By Emoji shorts series.

When Disney Emoji Blitz launched in 2016, we had already built over 100 emojis that went out with its introduction.

Each piece is a little work of art, sticking with a style language and art direction that expands across all the different franchises. It's always a unique opportunity to make a character or prop look like the original but in the emoji style. Dory's design still has to scream Dory, just... emojified.

Emoji Blitz will often have special events in the game, such as Villain or Item Card events. The game screens will need to be changed and put on theme.

We’ve designed over 50 different screens, in the same design language as the Emojis.

As Told By Emoji

While we’ve contributed to many of the As Told By shorts, Kingdom Hearts 3 was the first one that we did all of the art and animation for.

Existing emojis were updated for the As Told By style, and brand new emojis where designed and created with the collaboration of not only Disney but Square Enix.

Disney Now Avatars

For the Disney Now App we’ve also been creating emojis for their user avatars, frequently making them for classic characters and brand new series.

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