Addams Family 2

They’re creepy and they’re kooky.
Mysterious and spooky.
They’re all together ooky...

To call back to the franchises roots, the team behind The Addams Family 2 came to us to create a pre-end credits 2D montage for the CGI film. We wanted to reference the distinct ink and water color style of the original newspaper comics as we showcased the family vacationing in a number of iconic locations around the world.  Our team worked on this from storyboards to final post production.

As we are known for, the animation and clean up were done traditionally on paper, which also gave the lines a distinct look. CGI characters were redesigned to translate to the 2D style while still fitting within the world of the film.

We were up for the challenge of making our cast of characters feel like they were living and animating within a Charles Addams New Yorker piece.  A process of exporting out individual parts of each character and then applying special brush effects allowed us to make that texture feeling come alive in animation.

Fun gags are seen throughout the montage, and one of our favorites was the altered paintings seen in The Louvre. We took classic works of art and gave them an Addams twist, taking care to match the style of each painting so that the new subjects felt right at home in them.