The Wonderful World of Walt

Creative Capers has always been inspired by the man, the myth, the legend– Walt Disney. What were his hobbies? How did he run his studio? What made him tick? After uncovering audio from interviews with Walt Disney by Pete Martin and Diane Disney Miller, the team had a vision of bringing Walt to life through stop-motion animation.  As a result, Creative Capers directed and produced five award-winning episodes!

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Using a ball and socket armature skeleton, sculpted face cast in resin, wire eyebrows, replaceable mouths, and a hand sewn and painted wardrobe, Walt himself came to life. Our artists carefully studied photos and home movies of Walt’s life to reproduce every detail; as an homage to the world-builder and creator, accuracy was of the utmost importance. Walt continues to inspire the studio to this day, and these award-winning shorts are a small tribute to his legacy.